Sins and Needles

"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Knitty cat take deux

Phoebe always sits next to me when I knit, isn't that sweet? She's such a nice cat. As you can see in the picture, I have to wear a wrist supporter when I knit because I have awful tendonitis/carpal tunnel in my left hand. Funny it's in there, as I mainly use my right for knitting and everything else. Actually, it's from typing at my old job. Even on this laptop I feel the pain.

I'll be done with the body of the sweater by the end of the week! Yay!

Next on the needles will be Hermione's Prisoner of Azkaban cable and bobble hat, using Lauren's pattern. I think I'll start a Hatmione knit-a-long!! I have to buy the Cascade 220 online somewhere, I think I'll use Threadbear Fiber Arts, because I've heard they're really nice. And I also want to make Charlotte's Web (because how can I have a knitting blog on the internet without making this shawl??). I've heard they'll help match the colors for me. :D

Friday, July 30, 2004

Knitty cat

Tamika has my collection of straights behind her!

No progress to report on the knitting. I'm busy brushing up research methodology for this interview on Monday. Wish me luck!

ETA: HATMIONE is ready for purchase!! Lauren is a good Livejournal friend of mine, so if you like Harry Potter and Knitting, buy her pattern! She rules!! It's only $5!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Old enough to know better!

Last night was my volunteer night at the shelter. I brought my sister in tow with me, because I thought she might have fun and donate money (she said she wanted to earlier). Well, poor thing had a huge headache, and didn't have too much fun.

We have a few "scrappers" at the shelter, ones that in a home would probably not be such fighters as they are in the shelter. I think that living with so many cats can be hard on certain personalities. One cat, Klause, is this tiny and adorable 2-year old. He really looks like an older kitten, but he's not, and beware of his cuteness!! You can pet his nose for approximately 3 seconds before he tries to take a bite out of your hand. He's a brown tabby with brown eyes, and I've never seen another cat like him before. Right now his arch-nemesis is a beautiful all-white male named Klondike. Poor Klondike has a food allergy and gets a horrible reaction from it on his face. He looks like a prize-fighter! He and Klause, like I said, always fight, but yesterday I noticed something- maybe they weren't actually trying to kill each other, but were actually just playing? Seems like they formed a friendship based on their proclivity to kill one another, awww!

Another scrapper is Caroline, an 11-year old calico with beautiful green eyes. She's so completely adorable, I would love to take her home with me. She is so sweet to humans, but really goes looking for trouble with the other cats! I think it's because she knows she's one of the oldest, so she wants to put the younger ones in their place.

You can find all these pets at Angel Paws. Beware of the cuteness overload.

In knitting (k)news, I finished the left front of the sweater! Hooray! Just need to do the right front, the button and neck bands, and sew the buttons on. Oh, and block the darn thing. :D I should be done in at least a few days. I'll be pretty busy this weekend preparing for a job interview. Wish me luck! I really need to start working. This company I'm interviewing for would be a dream to work for! And the position is in the R+D department. I would be making up interviews and surveys for product development, and them performing them. Cool, huh? I hope I get it!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Just a quickie...

I'm faaaaamous!

Bubbles Yarn Hat

My hat is the one out of the "Bubbles" yarn, it was SO much fun to work with. has the prettiest yarns, I swear!

Oh joy!

Pictures. My USB ports were not working for a while due to some scary Trojan. But, they are better now! Yippee.

This is half of the KPPPM garter stitch baby sweater I'm working on, by Glenmarle Woolworks KIP Designs. I'm a loose knitter, so I have to use sz 4 needles to get the proper guage! I've never made a sweater on needles this small, so it's taking a while. I started Saturday night.

Here's a detail of the scalloped edge. It makes this otherwise very plain sweater fun. I wanted to find skull and crossbones buttons, but they're too expensive. Yes, you heard me, skull and crossbones. Yes, the baby is a girl. So? ;) I found grey/black pearly buttons for $.90 at my local Jo-Anne Fabrics (I'm so glad I'm not a sewer! It's the only fabric store for miles around here, and it's such a dive! Ugh!!)

Here is my only son, Parsley. He's almost 3! Big boy!! I rescued him as a kitten from our local shelter (not a no-kill one!!). Everytime my husband and I get into bed, he comes inbetween us and purrs his little motor heart out. He's such a snuggler.

And this is my baby, Tamika. I love her to pieces!! Everytime I ignore my alarm clock, she will head-butt my arm and knead my stomach until I get up (while making her cricket purrs). Isn't she the greatest? She was also rescued from the same shelter as Parsley, only she's a month older than he is. We got her as a companion to him, so she was older than Parsley when we rescued her. Although she has no certifications, she fits the bill of Black Maine Coon to a T (right down to her soft, soft mews!).

I would have a picture of the littlest one, Phoebe, but she was hiding when I had the camera out. She likes to meow "Good Morning" to us when we wake up and enjoys having her belly scratched. We got her from a friend who couldn't keep her. It was one of those things where we couldn't say no to this little cat, and now she has a better home.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Starting anew

So I still needed to make that baby something, so I went to my not-so-local LYS Glenmarle Woolworks to see if they had anything to make. And of course they did! What do you expect from a good knitting store? They had a table set up with different variations of a baby sweater knit in Koigu. I asked the sales person how many skeins they were to make, and since the answer was two, I bought it. Yay! I had 2 skeins in my stash, but I did have to buy the #4 circular (Well, I didn't *have* to, since I have #4 straights). I'm trying to slowly bulk up my collection of 40" Addi Turbos.

Anyway, the sweater is super cute. It's got a lace-edged bottom and is knit in garter, in one piece. The button band is knit separately, but that's okay. Picking up stitches is no problem for me since I learned how to do socks.

The color is in Koigu's KPPPM, in a green/forest/black colorway. Not very little baby girl-ish, but it'll be cute because it isn't a typical color. Plus, the green will bring out little Jordana's blue eyes. :D Actually, it kinda looks like camouflage. Hmmm.

Ouch to cotton!

I've found out the hard way that my hands do not like knitting with cotton! I hate it so much that I threw out the baby sweater I was working on (it was half done). I know you're thinking that I'm crazy and wasteful, but seriously. I don't care at this point. It was getting to the point where I could only knit one row and then I would have to stop. The baby would be 18 before I finished.

But, it does mean that I get to go to my LYS tomorrow for a yarn that is a lot more springy. :D

There is a beautiful stray that hangs around my complex dumpster that I feed whenever I see it. I think i'm probably the only one that does so, because that little thing can chow down an entire can of food like no one's business. I talked to the woman who lives in the apartment closest to the dumpster, and she said that it's definately a stray. I told her who I volunteer for, and asked her to ask around and see if anyone wanted to take it in. If not, I said i'd trap it and take it to the shelter. I doubt it's entirely feral, because it doesn't hang out in a colony and it meows at me when ever I approach instead of running away. So, I think it has potential to be a good pet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Harry Potter Scarves

I just read someone's blog where they were going on and on about being creative, and how they couldn't understand why in the world people would knit Harry Potter scarves. For them, it's just stockinette and stupid basic color changes, but for me-- it was the reason I started knitting in the first place!!

I am a HUGE Potter fan, and this leads me to believe that this person has never experienced such entertainment via reading. That's very sad.

Not only did they start me knitting, but knitting my huge Hagrid-sized Slytherin scarf taught me how to make perfect stockinette, how to do color changes, how to make fringe, how to end a project, and how to keep at it and finish a project before a deadline (the release of OOTP at midnight of whatever day it was released last summer).

By being such a huge fan, I not only get to entertain myself through reading, but I got to get excited and inspired by it too. I learned a craft that I always thought was so hard. I learned another way to solve math equations by relating them to something I can make. It gave me another tool to help homeless animals. It gave me something productive to do while I watch reality shows on TV! Ha ha. There are many benefits of beginning my knitting career through Harry Potter scarves.

I'm sorry, I just hate people who come off like they're better than the rest of us. There are reasons why people do things, and if you can't understand it, maybe you're the one with the "problem".

And just one more thing (a la Columbo): How creative are you when you're using a pattern someone else wrote? Hmmm?

Monday, July 19, 2004

"Hug Me" baby sweater

So, I've been working on (another) baby sweater for the looongest time now- about 2 months. I would provide a link to the pattern, but Patternworks no longer carries it. Maybe because it's... a terrible pattern? I swatched, I followed the directions to a T, and I used the proper yarn. The damn thing is WAY too long for a baby, and I had to sub yarn in on the second side (as a sort of stripe thing) because I was going to run out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn. And it was too long, even though they gave measurements!! Argh. Plus since it's cotton yarn on sz 5 needles, my carpal tunnel is aggravated every time I pick it up, hence the reason why it's taking so long. Oh well. Good thing the baby is still entirely too small to wear it.

But on a good note for the day, I went to the cat show again to help out and drive stuff back to the shelter. I also found out about a cat boarding place near me, so I enquired later via email about a job (because I'm unemployed at the moment). The lady wrote me back a really nice email and told me that she was too small (as a business) to take on another person, but gave me ideas of where to look. I followed through on one place and sent them my resume. I wrote a really honest, heartfelt cover letter explaining that although I wasn't entirely qualified for the position (I don't have 3+ years as a fundraiser), I would be the most passionate person for the job. I hope I at least get an interview so I can basically beg for the job. I wouldn't even treat this as a job, you see. It's a lifestyle for me now. Every night I pray to God that the cats I meet find loving homes where they can be treated with dignity.

I never thought I could fall in love with something so hard that wasn't my husband, but helping cats and helping people who help cats is just something I *have* to do.

Speaking of cats, I have to knit this, but with a cat head!! How cute would that be? I would be the coolest volunteer ever. :D

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just wondering...

Is this sweater just too ugly? I knitted it for my new nephew, and even though they just visited us last week, my sister-in-law never mentioned it to me. I know they got it in the mail.

I did knit it from stash yarn leftover from a Ravenclaw scarf I made (Lion Brand Jiffy), and I know the yarn isn't that great as far as fiber snobbery goes... but... am I wrong to feel kind of offended (because it's like they totally ignored a handmade present I spent more than a few hours on!!)?

If I had a baby boy, I wouldn't be embarrassed if he wore it. Even if it is summer... everyone needs to have a sweater now and then in the summer. Plus the yarn, although on the gross side, is totally machine washable/dryable. Hmmm.

Guess some people don't deserve handknit stuff. It was the thought that... nevermind.

Casting On

Today I'll finish the second felted cat bed made from Wendy's pattern, located here. Wendy allowed me to use the pattern so I could make beds to sell for the shelter I volunteer at!! All proceeds will go to Angel PAWS (because I love them with all my heart). Both ones were knitted with Lamb's Pride Bulky on size 13 needles. The sides are kind of floppy, but if I roll the sides down it really does look like a Pi(e)! I didn't use fun fur for the trim, but I used some fun Rowan Biggy Print that I had in my stash. Pictures soon, I hope. My laptop is down for the count. :(
I went with the shelter to the Cat Show today-- with 16 of our cats! Hopefully a bunch will be adopted. The Show had a "competition" and awarded ribbons to some of the cats that were there to be adopted. My favorite ball of fluff, Miss Kitty, was awarded "Fluffiest Tail". A woman who was in the audience when Miss Kitty was being awarded decided she was the most beautiful thing and fell in love with her. She even put in an application for adoption! Also, I know it's a good match because the lady started crying when she heard Miss Kitty's story (previous owner OD'd and is in a coma). Another cat, Me Too, got awarded "Friendliest Cat", because he was lounging in a chair with his leash on all day. Also, another favorite, Muffin, got "Longest Whiskers". She totally deserved it! Her whiskers are at least 8 inches long.
I'm proud of myself, I didn't buy anything today!