Sins and Needles

"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Knitty cat take deux

Phoebe always sits next to me when I knit, isn't that sweet? She's such a nice cat. As you can see in the picture, I have to wear a wrist supporter when I knit because I have awful tendonitis/carpal tunnel in my left hand. Funny it's in there, as I mainly use my right for knitting and everything else. Actually, it's from typing at my old job. Even on this laptop I feel the pain.

I'll be done with the body of the sweater by the end of the week! Yay!

Next on the needles will be Hermione's Prisoner of Azkaban cable and bobble hat, using Lauren's pattern. I think I'll start a Hatmione knit-a-long!! I have to buy the Cascade 220 online somewhere, I think I'll use Threadbear Fiber Arts, because I've heard they're really nice. And I also want to make Charlotte's Web (because how can I have a knitting blog on the internet without making this shawl??). I've heard they'll help match the colors for me. :D


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