Sins and Needles

"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ouch to cotton!

I've found out the hard way that my hands do not like knitting with cotton! I hate it so much that I threw out the baby sweater I was working on (it was half done). I know you're thinking that I'm crazy and wasteful, but seriously. I don't care at this point. It was getting to the point where I could only knit one row and then I would have to stop. The baby would be 18 before I finished.

But, it does mean that I get to go to my LYS tomorrow for a yarn that is a lot more springy. :D

There is a beautiful stray that hangs around my complex dumpster that I feed whenever I see it. I think i'm probably the only one that does so, because that little thing can chow down an entire can of food like no one's business. I talked to the woman who lives in the apartment closest to the dumpster, and she said that it's definately a stray. I told her who I volunteer for, and asked her to ask around and see if anyone wanted to take it in. If not, I said i'd trap it and take it to the shelter. I doubt it's entirely feral, because it doesn't hang out in a colony and it meows at me when ever I approach instead of running away. So, I think it has potential to be a good pet.


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