Sins and Needles

"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Starting anew

So I still needed to make that baby something, so I went to my not-so-local LYS Glenmarle Woolworks to see if they had anything to make. And of course they did! What do you expect from a good knitting store? They had a table set up with different variations of a baby sweater knit in Koigu. I asked the sales person how many skeins they were to make, and since the answer was two, I bought it. Yay! I had 2 skeins in my stash, but I did have to buy the #4 circular (Well, I didn't *have* to, since I have #4 straights). I'm trying to slowly bulk up my collection of 40" Addi Turbos.

Anyway, the sweater is super cute. It's got a lace-edged bottom and is knit in garter, in one piece. The button band is knit separately, but that's okay. Picking up stitches is no problem for me since I learned how to do socks.

The color is in Koigu's KPPPM, in a green/forest/black colorway. Not very little baby girl-ish, but it'll be cute because it isn't a typical color. Plus, the green will bring out little Jordana's blue eyes. :D Actually, it kinda looks like camouflage. Hmmm.


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