Sins and Needles

"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Monday, September 27, 2004


Another excuse to make a kitty bed!!

Petfinder is having an "Adopt a Senior Pet" drive in November, and now there is a Kitty Bed-along to go with it!! I have already started mine with some stash yarn and will continue it with Lamb's Pride Bulky (when it comes in from Patternworks-- whenever that is!)

I see so many kittens leave the shelter, and some younger pets, but it is rare that a senior cat leaves. True, there are some dear souls who will only adopt a senior pet, but don't you think these people need to be greater in number? Senior cats deserve to live out their last years in a home. Some people worry about the expense. While it is true that health problems can be expensive, you will eventually have to face the expense if you get a younger cat.

Also, when you adopt an older cat, you can be sure their personality has already formed. The shelter workers can tell you what cat will match what you're looking for. For some reason, when cats get altered, their personalities change. My little monkey man, Parsley, was just so rambunctious before he was fixed. Now he's sweet as pie. Or it can go the other way around...

Many people see a senior cat, and think they're in the shelter because they have behavioral problems. One thing we see over and over again in the shelter are male cats being dropped off because they're not using their litterboxes. Did you know that male cats can get urinary tract infections very easily? And that they associate their litterbox with pain after awhile, therefore leading them to urinate outside their boxes? Time and time again we take a new male to the vet to discover their bladders full of urinary crystals, which can be easily treated. It makes me so mad that these people didn't care enough about these sweet cats to take them to the vet, but then I think of how maybe kitty shouldn't have been there anyway, and their better off at my shelter.

So anyway, if you knit, make a bed!! Join the Yahoo! Group. If not, maybe make a little donation in the name of your favorite animal. Or, ADOPT A SENIOR PET!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The little addicts!

I made one of's Aran catnip mice tonight, and instead of using fiberfil or some synthetic along with catnip, I used raw, unwashed fleece. Greasy, farmy fleece. If you have cats, make sure you make them each their own mouse before throwing them down! Holy bejeebus. Robin was doing half-twisting four-foot leaps in the air!! The Russians and the Chinese see her as the one to beat in the next Olympic's gymnastic competition!

In other news, my new job entails proofing, correcting, paginating, and laying out academic books and journals. A lot of it is pretty dry, but today I got to do corrections on a forensic pathology journal... Oh man. Let's just say I had no appetite for lunch or dinner! That CSI show is misleading, as well. Forensic pathology is not entertaining to say the least!!

We had wine and cheese at our neighbor's last night, and I learned that the wife recently learned to knit while she was doing work on her thesis in Paris. She can knit and purl, but has no supplies here. :D :D You know what that means! Time to take her to the LYS! Like I need an excuse?

I have a feeling I will be making another mouse or two tomorrow- but I may give these to my buddies at the shelter. I think my pal Klaus needs a suprise when I have to put him back in his cage on Wednesday night (he's so rowdy he can only go out when the crews are there! Last time he *would not* leave my shoelaces alone- but that's a good thing sinch he usually just bothers the other cats! I wish someone would adopt him- he's a CRAZY tabby with brown eyes. He's also really small for being 2, he's like the size of a 7 month old kitten. Teeny. But he definitely makes up for his small size with a giant personality!!)

I should go to bed! Gotta work in the AM!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's like a swamp over here...

With all this frogging going on!

My poor little no-pattern green sweater... Well, let's be honest. I used Glampyre's directions for the yoke, but after that it was all up to my imagination. I did raglan increases for the hips after I decreased for the waist, but I didn't start the ribbing right away. Sooo, that left me with *really* funny ribs on the side. I frogged the whole thing (HOURS of ribbing, I tell you, since I knit English-style and that's the slowest way). I re-did the ribbing on sz 8 needles rather than doing them again on sz 5s. I am impatient after I mess up, I guess. It's looks okay.

Then, after doing 1/4 of the left sleeve in what I thought would make it poofy, I decided to frog that and make it fitted instead. Because of the way a top-down raglan works, the sleeve really begins about an inch after the shoulder ends, so the placement of the poof wasn't right. Maybe next time.

So, after all of this, I also think I'm going to run out of yarn! sigh.

Well, in animal news, the street fair was supposed to be today, but it was cancelled due to rain. My organization was scheduled to have a table there, and I signed up to work it from 1-5. I'm kinda bummed, but sort of not, because I know it'll be a day of asking people not to stick their fingers in the cages... Being outside in a noisy fair is already traumatizing enough for the poor kitties. But, it is great exposure for us. I just hate it when the cats all develpo colds from the stress after we bring them back to the shelter. But, it is great exposure for us.

In fostering news, Robin has really blossomed! I'm so proud of her. She no longer hides in the bedroom all day, but she comes out into the living room and kitchen. She sleeps on the end of the couch so she can look out the window on the odd occasion. :D She is also letting me pet her a lot more. Robin is still pretty scared of my biggest, fluffiest cat, but she tumbles around with my boy-cat Parsley. I'm really proud of her. I hope her progress continues to a point that when she's finally adopted, she will have a much smoother transition than she did here. Here's a link to her Angel PAWS profile: Robin. Some of my favorites at the shelter are also up there -> Check out Klaus, Hamster, Donut, Duncan, Carolina... well, check out them all! They're all great and all of them have such wonderful and different personalities. =^.^=

Sunday, September 12, 2004


I had to rip out all the ribbing on my sweater, because I did something silly. I didn't start the ribbing right away after I finished increasing for my hips. Because I did raglan-style increasing, it made a funny ridge that extended out about a half centimeter. It was just plain funny looking, like I had catipillars growing up the sides of my hips!

I've given up on doing the bottom ribbing with sz 5 needles, though, because that was just too annoying and not stretchy enough. So I'll continue doing it with the same size needles that I worked the body in.

I started one of the sleeves, and I hope those turn out alright! They're supposed to have a bit of a puffed cap, and I had no idea how to do it, so I improvised.

In other knitting news, I bought the 365 perpetual calendar- the one with all the knitting stitches. I'm taking it to work with me. :D

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hee, oops!

Yeah. I've been so tired after work, I can barely knit, let alone update this thing. I'll get used to it. I was unemployed for three months, so working is very tiresome!

I am working on a sweater based off of's top-down raglan pattern. I decided to do bust shaping as well as waist shaping, which you can sorta see at the bottom left of the sweater. All I have to do is finish the ribbing and then add sleeves.

We have a new kitty in the house!

Robin is a young cat up for adoption at She was found outside a bank with her brother Batman at a very young age. Sadly, Batman was adopted as a kitten and poor Robin was almost forgotten about. She has been living in a cage at the shelter for most of her life, and as a consequence is *terrified* of open spaces, particularly those with people in them. I can pet her fine under the bed where she feels safe, but if she ventures out in the open and sees me or my husband, she freezes and then runs. Poor baby. She purrs like a chainsaw under the bed. :D We have her here as a foster- she needs to be in a home, not a cage. For months the shelter crews would try to get her to come out and play, and even left her door open all the time. Being a free-roamer at the shelter is encouraged, but poor Robin just wasn't into it. I really hope she'll turn out okay. She's very, very sweet and can catch treats in her paws. :D I see so much potential in her, but whoever adopts her needs to be prepared. It will take a loooong time for her to act like a "normal" cat. I personally have no problem fostering her until she warms up to the world, but I would love it if someone were to fall in love with her and help her out.