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"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Sunday, October 31, 2004

What I've been up to

Pardon me! I've neglected this here blogarino for quite some time! I apologize. The wheels have been turning in my head, literally. I've caught the spinning bug, and I've been scheming to get myself a wheel. I've finally found a used Ashford Traveler in excellent condition for only $250 (about $100 of it's new price). It's got an antique finish, which explains the price hike. I know I could have gotten a Joy or a Kiwi less, but I really like the look of this wheel, and the company I'm buying it from (Woodland Woolworks) does LAYAWAY!!!!:

And, to satiate my spinning fever, I've spun a bit from my drop spindle. Here's some pinky angora I did yesterday:

I only have about 32 yards, because this was part of a batch of roving my cats got to. Also, I found it harder to spin than wool, I think it's because the fibers are shorter than wool. It was tough for me to draft. Practice, practice!! The rest of it I'm saving until I get my wheel. :D I have no fancy spinning equipment other than my drop spindle, so for setting the twist I improvised over a large plastic lid. To dry the skein, I hung it up in my shower and used a rubber monkey as a weight to weigh it down. Ha!

In knitting news, the last thing I finished was Hatmione. Alas, my camera is broken and I also gave it to my sister who is a student at Kenyon (8 hours away from me!)

In kitty news, I get to take Rocky to the vet tomorrow. Rocky is one of the shelter kitties- he twisted his back when he got his tail stuck in the bathroom doorjamb. :( Poor guy. He's a handsome tabby with medium fur, his disposition is as mellow as can be, and he doesn't deserve to have a bad back (OR BE IN A SHELTER!)!


  • At November 2, 2004 at 1:30 PM, Blogger CrazyFiberLady said…

    Congrats on the new wheel! WW is a great company. I got my first wheel from them, a Lendrum Upright.

    Nice job on the angora. It can be much trickier to spin than wool as the fiber is a bit shorter and far more slippery... but then again, so can merino. Just as an aside, if you are spinning for knitting yarn, setting the twist on the dryin skein with weights will indeed straighten the yarn, but it will also cause it to stretch leading to surprises when it is knit up and then washed.



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