Sins and Needles

"With a new cosmopolitan, less insular generation it might again grow into a sincere expression of a man loving to create with his own hand, or shall we rather say-- woman, emancipated, finally creates with her own genius." --The Sacred History of Knitting, by Heinz Edgar Kiewe (1971).

Sunday, November 07, 2004


So, I've had a yarn basket for about 2 years, and in those 2 years, my cats have *never* gotten into the yarn. But every morning this week, there has been yarn all over my apartment!! I haven't changed their food, or anything to do with them getting back at me. Heh.

In other news, I'm patiently waiting for my roving to come in from Blue Goose Glen Farms in Tennesee. I got 8oz. of red Corriedale, 8oz. of Bubblegum Pink Corriedale, and a puond of plain white Corriedale. I chose this wool because it was cheap, and so am I. I've heard decent things about it though, it's not supposed to be coarse or anything.


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